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Goals: End Game or Process?

What is a goal about for you? The End Game or the Process of achieving said goal? For many of us this year we went into a season of big goals with the End Game being the golden ticket but learned it was the Process that was really the ultimate fulfillment. What about you?

Words by Karin Grubb.

To say I’m a bit accident prone might be an understatement. I used to get the joke “There goes your career as a leg model” fairly regularly… it’s now been overused.

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the Aussie Diaries: August 3rd, 2014

I feel like most of July was a blur, I rode a whole lot of bikes, participated in the WORCA women’s event even after being sick with a stomach flu leading up to it and the first solid food I kept down was the morning of the event, it didn’t go so well, but I completed all the stages (and gave myself mild heatstroke to boot) Riding bikes in Whistler is one of my favorite ways to spend my summer. When I wasn’t riding bikes in Whistler…

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Mid-Pack Musings from the Singletrack 6

Article snagged from, words by Monika Marx

Late last year a client and and I made a decision to take a stab at a stage race as a team, and see if we had what it takes to ride our bikes every day, much longer than what was a normal ride for us, for six consecutive days. Singletrack 6 intrigued us, as it guaranteed fresh terrain for us seasoned Sea to Sky and Fraser Valley riders, beginning with trails in Alberta and moving west, finishing in Revelstoke.

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Biking and the Great Downstairs

Put a group of women mountain bikers together, and there is one topic that will be sure to come up: the lady town, vagina, girl parts, hooha, whatever you want to call it – we all have it, and unless I’m missing something, we all ride with it in full contact with our bikes. Sometimes, I’ve heard girls bring it up with the casualty of ordering coffee, sometimes if comes up in hushed tones, sometimes we talk about it in circles until someone finally addresses the elephant in the room.

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the Aussie Diaries: July 8th, 2014

I always look forward to Canada Day Long weekend, it’s one of the only weekends that I put away the pedal bike and only take my DH rig with me.  This year with Canada day being on the Tuesday we decided to take the extra day and make it a 4 day weekend.  We left North Vancouver super early Saturday morning, which is going to make me segue here, I get super excited and nostalgic when I get on the rode before dawn, I goes directly back to being a kid and family vacation always started with an early morning drive.

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