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Riding the Unknown in the Chilliwack River Valley

“On June 20th I rode a fat bike. I knew my actions would be harmful and offensive to some of my friends and loved ones but I did it anyway. I told myself I was just going to do it once, just to try it. It felt good at the time but left me feeling dirty… and secretly wanting to do it again.” – Tara Friesen
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2015 Sturdy Dirty

by: Emily Sabelhaus

The second annual WOMEN’S ONLY Sturdy Dirty Enduro went off with a bang when over 200 ladies showed up to shred the trails of Tiger Mountain near Issaquah, WA. It was a rowdy, fun-filled affair with apron-clad industry men frying bacon and flipping flapjacks at beginning of Stage 1, timers dressed as Elvis Presley, prom queens, and scary clowns, and a Mexican themed aid station complete with chips, salsa, and tequila shots. There’s a reason this race sold out in less than a week! Last year’s event was a screaming success, and this year Ady, Julie, Katie, Angela, and Alison of Sturdy B*tch Racing put on an equally phenomenal event that focused on promoting women’s racing and growing the mountain bike community! Read on for the full race report.
Sturdy 1
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iSSi Trail Pedal – Reviewed by Emily Sabelhaus


I began this season with a pair of beloved Shimano XTs I’ve been riding (trashing) for the past 12 months. These pedals have been subjected to approximately one gazillion days of riding, so I decided it was time they retired. Read the rest of this page »

Bunnie in the Sun

Muddbunnie Ambassador Jaclyn goes in search of some #girlpower adventure on the North Shore. What better place to find it than Ladies Only?

A Bunny in the Sun from paul snyder on Vimeo.

Element Cycles joins our list of Friends!

Muddbunnies are so excited to announce that Element Cycles in Redmond WA have joined our list of Amazing Sponsors for our Riding Club Members!

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