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My Coastal Adventure with Ryan Leech

Words by Jennifer Clarke

I don’t remember where I first heard about Ryan Leech’s Ride and Reach workshop, but I remember thinking “I am SO in!” providing the dates worked for me. Thankfully they did!

I shared a link to the workshop on my facebook and on the Muddbunnies Riding Club page and enticed a couple more bunnies to join me on the adventure. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we knew that if we were together and riding/doing yoga with Ryan, how could it be anything short of awesome?

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Money Well Spent

Words: Moniera Vania Khan

Last weekend, I spent $350 on two days of splashing around in a  mudbath.  I chewed mud, drank it trying to drink from my hydration pack, blinked it out of my eyes and wiped it off my glasses and my face 100 times.  At  the end of each day, I struggled to wash it out of places you don’t even want to know about. Read the rest of this page »

Another rainy trail day…


On May 4th, Ryder’s Eyewear and the Muddbunnies hosted their second trail day on Dale’s on Seymour. We met at Old Buck Parking lot to kick start our morning with coffee from Bean Around the World and yummy treats from Dar. The highlight was when one of our volunteers introduced himself as Dale, THE Dale of Dale’s trail! It was great to hear about how the trail came to be from the man who originally built it, and to hear his feedback on the work being done on the trail. Fifteen volunteers then biked, hiked and off-roaded their way up to the trail. Read the rest of this page »

2014 Metro Vancouver Work Plan

Partly taken from original post on

The 2014 Metro work plan has been officially released. This will affect trails in the LSCR. This plan will also directly affect the Muddbunnies Riding Club’s TAP trail plan for 2014 on Dale’s. We felt that the whole story should be shared openly so everyone is up to date on why and how things are happening. Please read on for all the current information.

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the Aussie Diaries: April 24th, 2014

Additional photo credit: Dean Matthews

This is the 4th year I have organised a trip to Vancouver Island over the Easter long weekend.  In my mind this weekend marks the start of the “official” biking season (since biking never really ends for me, I just tend to bike a tad less over the colder months) It is a chance to get a bunch of friends together and pack ourselves off to one of my favorite places to ride; Cumberland.  For the past couple of years we have rented a private house that sleeps 10 and has a large garage for bike storage as well as everyone’s guilty little pleasure, a hot tub. Read the rest of this page »