Muddbunnies Riding Inc. is about building a community of women cyclists


MB Race Team 2015 – Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

First off we want to thank all of the applicants so far – the response has been great! We are stoked for the 2015 season and it seems you are too!

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MB Race Team 2015 – Friends with Benefits

Women's Bicycl Lean At White  Fence

Still sitting on the fence when it comes to applying for the Muddbunnies Race Team in 2015?

Maybe some additional info will help you brave the landing! Here is a little more detail on some of our amazing “Friends of the Bunnies” and how they plan on helping you get the most out of the 2015 Muddbunnies Race Team.

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MB Race Team 2015 – THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM

Many of you want to be part of an amazing community of women who mountain bike. A community of women to train and race with. This atmosphere of encouragement and support produces results and is, lets be honest, a ton of fun! That’s why for 2015 we listened and have rebuilt the race team from the ground up. In our previous installment – You Spoke, We Listened – we touched on what this will mean to you as a team member. Well the wait is over ladies, the details are below! Read the rest of this page »

Muddbunnies Race Team 2015 – YOU SPOKE, WE LISTENED!

First, we want to thank the many ladies from years previous who took the time to share their feedback, ideas, hopes, and frustrations with us. Your valuable input is helping us better support our team. In this blog you will find out what we learned, how we intend to improve the team experience and improve your racing. Read the rest of this page »

Goals: End Game or Process?

What is a goal about for you? The End Game or the Process of achieving said goal? For many of us this year we went into a season of big goals with the End Game being the golden ticket but learned it was the Process that was really the ultimate fulfillment. What about you?

Words by Karin Grubb.

To say I’m a bit accident prone might be an understatement. I used to get the joke “There goes your career as a leg model” fairly regularly… it’s now been overused.

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