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the Aussie Diaries V2.0

After a three year hiatis I decided that 2014 was the year to revive the Aussie Diaries. A lot has happened in three years, but some things stay the same.  I’m still the same mountain bike obsessed girl I was in 2011 and the Muddbunnies are still a huge part of my life. With almost everything else in my life being in flux it’s nice to have a couple of constants.  So let’s get this started by playing catch-up. Read the rest of this page »

From the Sidelines…

Words by Michelle Lachmann

When mapping out my races this season, I was looking forward to the kick-off race: the Dirty Duo – a trail running / mountain biking event on the North Shore trails. The 30km mountain bike race takes place every March on my favorite “backyard” trails. Unfortunately, an old injury resurfaced a week before the race and forced me to enter a DNS. Read the rest of this page »

Anne Galyean: Breaking Rad

article fully, 100% snagged from

“What I’m doing now is developing methods to characterize and detect engineered nanoparticles specifically, such as metals in natural aquatic systems.” Those aren’t exactly words you would expect to hear from one of the East Coast’s premier downhill talents, but most pro downhillers aren’t trying to save the world by applying nanotechnology to environmental remediation efforts. Read the rest of this page »

Singletrack Dreams: Part 3 – If you really want to find your way there, you will

words by Crystal Lambert

Man things have changed.

It was recently my birthday weekend and what did I do? I got up at 6am to go and ride my bike (in the snow!) with other like-minded (read: possibly nuts) riders who are looking to get a little early season social training in. Why am I doing this? Because I signed up for the Single Track 6 race coming up this summer. Use code Muddbunnies100 for $100 off your entry fee!

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AGM Announcement – Muddbunnies Riding Club (BC) – March 5th, 2014


Muddbunnies Riding Club (BC) – March 5, 2014

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